61 Participants in 2019 First Day Hikes

First Day Hikes is a program that began in 1992 in Massachusetts. It is designed to start the New Year outdoors instead of in front of a television set or computer screen at home. In 2012, America’s State Parks organization took the concept Nationwide and TrailWorks of Wayne County has been participating for the last 5 years. This year, we hosted hikes in 3 different locations around Wayne County. People could join the hike that was most convenient for them.

The Casey Park Hike in Ontario, NY drew 27 participants. The hike started with a mile down the “easy side” astride the Ore Bed. Half the group chose to return via the same route, and the other half chose the more challenging northern route on the ridge above the Ore Bed. All lingered in the parking area for tailgate refreshments. Participants echoed “I love that it gets you started off in the New Year getting some fresh air and exercise”

Meanwhile, south on the Black Brook Trail between Clyde and Lyons, 9 people enjoyed the company of fellow hikers and the crisp, invigorating air.  Again, refreshments ended their hike. And to the East, at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, another 25 people were treated to sightings of the spotted eagles nesting and in flight. What a gift to start the New Year.