Beechwood State Park

What once was a former girl scout camp called Camp Beechwood, this undeveloped 150 acres of land became Beechwood State Park in 1999.  The park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and has 3500 feet of shoreline and bluffs to explore as well as the old camp.  The old buildings of the camp are still there although many are falling apart.  There is no entry fee to enjoy this state park; it is currently being maintained by the Town of Sodus.

Beechwood operated as a girl scout camp from 1929 until the state purchased the land in 1999.  There are no marked trails, but at times some paths are mowed.  There are also the old dirt roads used for the camp that are now grassy paths that can be hiked.    You can explore the old camp.

There is a gravel parking area on Lake Road near the bridge for Maxwell Creek, which includes a canoe/kayak access point as well as fishing access.  You can see a few of the old lean to’s nearby.  This is a great place to explore.  Take the well worn path to the main camp.  This is a great place to practice your compass, orienting, mapping or GPS skills.

The trails feature an old-growth hardwood forest, White Pine and Larch Pine plantation, a meadow, and a young growth hardwood forest.  There are many beautiful views of Lake Ontario and Maxwell Bay.  Bald Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks, and numerous species of song birds and water fowl are common sights in the park.  Check in with caretaker for Carry-in/Carry-out camping.

LOCATION: 2 miles west of Sodus Point on Lake Rd.
LENGTH OF TRAIL: 3.1 miles of trails; 1 mile to passport marker
DIFFICULTY: medium, only due to the erosion, different paths, and the hilly parts on the Overlook trail and down to the lake.  Can be a nice, easy walk if you want it to be.
PASSPORT MARKER: in the northernmost section with the cabins