A Trailworks Outing

Networking Trail Works Projects

There is a great potential in Wayne County to make our landscape compatible with our inner needs for harmony with our natural environment and with the communities in which we live and work. In the last few years, the pressures to develop economically have come upon us and could overwhelm our desire for a healthy and family oriented way of life.

Wayne County has some beautiful parks and trails but they by and large are the result of steps taken by separate Wayne County communities, such as in Williamson, where the Town Park off Eddy Road and the Bicentennial Park off Maken Road provide trails for walking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing. Other communities, such as Ontario and their Recreation Committee have developed Casey Park and are developing plans for future trails. We also have the development of Savannah Dhu, a private preserve, near Savannah which provides a look at wildlife up close and personal. These efforts and others are moves in the direction toward preserving our Wayne County heritage and green spaces for future generations when rural land will not be as plentiful here, as it is now.

Some overall plan for the County could be part of the answer to facilitating this process. Where communities and trails could be linked, and northern Wayne County could be linked to the Erie Canalway. Not only would this provide access for our communities, but economically, it could be a benefit to this area because the Canal is fast becoming a super tourist attraction.

Trail Works originally formed to lend its energy toward this effort and we have been active in working with the Williamson Planning and Town Boards to develop a in-town trail loop which would provide walkability for seniors, school children and others between businesses, school and residences. This project was completed and dedicated in the Fall of 2008 adding to the assets of the town. We also hope to assist in developing trails to the south to the Erie Canal and building trails between communities in the northern tier of the County.