Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm

Nature trails wind through different types of ecosystems, which include a wetland, a meadow, and a beautiful deciduous hardwood forest.  Signage for species identification is located along sections of the trails.  So, enjoy your hike and keep your eyes open for songbirds, mammals, wildflowers, and other signs of Mother Nature.

While the paths at the base of the hill are clear, there are no easy/clear paths up the hill to the passport marker.  The trails at the top of the hill are not clearly marked; this will be a future project for Trail Works.

LOCATION: 2480 Arcadia Zurich Rd.
LENGTH OF TRAIL: 1.6 miles of trails
DIFFICULTY: medium; must climb steep hill to reach passport marker
PASSPORT MARKER: follow the north/south path north (left) to the lean-to; the path heads up the side of the hill.  At the top of the hill you will find the passport marker.