79 acres of diverse, high quality wetlands for bird and wildlife habitat conservation. A wildlife observation deck and boardwalk meanders through a variety of wetland habitats including emergent marsh, Green Ash Wetland, and Red Maple Wetland. Huckleberry Swamp provides significant functions including storm water retention, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat, and possibly rare plant habitat. Springtime heron rookery.

Huckleberry Swamp is located outside the village of North Rose. From Route 104, turn south on Brick Schoolhouse Road. Take Brick Schoolhouse Road until it ends at Catchpole Road then turn right. Huckleberry Swamp is just ahead on the left.
Hiking Time /Distance:
One hour or more depending on stops
Closed on Mondays and winters.
Easy with some boardwalks. Limited to hiking only.
Boardwalk over Huckleberry Swamp


Hiking • Birding • Wildlife Observation • Forever Wild for Everyone (Accessible Trail)

Trail Map