A Trailworks Outing


Passport to Family Wellness Trail Program

Trail Works has partnered with Wegmans and their Passport to Family Wellness Program as well as with the villages and towns of Wayne County and the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service, EWPH (Eat Well Play Hard Coalition to combat childhood obesity) to produce this program.

The program involves an actual¬†“Passport” with 16 outdoor trails¬†mapped out and described around Wayne County. Some are village history trails, some are canal trails and others are nature trails for wild flower or bird watching. Each trail head has a unique symbol that you can trace or rub into your passport book. When completed, turn your Passport for drawings and prizes. Passport redemptions can be made at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Newark.

Trail Development and Networking

Trail Works hopes to develop a trail network that connects our communities, local points of interest and trails in adjacent communites within Wayne County by using abandoned railroad beds, such as the Hojack Line and other public corridors. Other current trail development projects include:

  • Developing a Marion Trail to link to the Erie Canal
  • Developing an Marion-Williamson Trail Link
  • Completing the Dolomite Trail in Walworth
  • Developing a 104 Trail Williamson-Ontario Link

Forever Wild For Everyone - Accessible Trails

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to enjoy nature and its many benefits, regardless of their abilities. We hope to facilitate the development and/or designation of nature trails without barriers that everyone can enjoy.

Blue Trails - Canoe and Kayak Routes

Wayne County is blessed with many streams, ponds, lakes, rivers and canals. We are dedicated to trails whether they involve putting our feet or our bicycle tires on the earth or our boats in the water. "Blue Trails" is a new initiative for Trail Works. We plan to explore and "map" out these trails to provide information so others can find and enjoy them.