The “Dirty Thirty” Challenge

In early 2018, Trail Works increased its number of Wegmans Passport Trails from 27 to 30, eliminating the Galen Trail and adding Cornwall Preserve, Lauraville Landing, West Shore, and the Richmond Aqueduct.

The Wayne County Wegmans Hit the Trail Passport program runs continuously. In order to enter for the chance to win a
$250 Wegmans gift card, you need to complete 15 of the 30 trails in the booklet and bring it to Cornell Cooperative
Extension on Rt. 88 in Newark. If you complete all 30 trails, you will have 2 entries in the drawing. The drawing will be
held annually in the Fall and your entry remains in the pool.

Completing the “Dirty Thirty” gets you fame and fortune…. or at the very least, a spot on this page!

“Dirty Thirty” Finishers:

  1. Nancy Snyder (July 2018)