Lauraville Landing

This trail offers a campground to the west of the parking lot by following the trail under the Rt. 414 bridge and walking a quarter mile.  At the park there is a playground, picnic pavilion, and boat launch for kayaks and canoes.  Lauraville Landing Trail was the old West Shore Railroad and is now a stone dust trail through a mix of hardwoods.  This trail will eventually cross a bridge over the Erie Canal at 1.75 miles and will be part of the Erie Canal trail system which crosses New York State.

When the trail is finished further east of the old railroad bridge, there will be views of the Erie Canal and of Clinton’s Ditch.  One more note: the old railroad bridge is currently the “Low Bridge” in this section of the Erie Canal.  It is scheduled to be raised in the future.  Floor boards will be added to allow pedestrian traffic.

LOCATION: Located in the Town of Galen, in the Village of Clyde.  Leave the Village of Clyde heading south Rt 414 cross Erie Canal bridge and make 1st left onto Redfield St.  Turn left onto Orchard Street which will intersect with Water Street.  You will see one parking lot ahead of you.  There is another to the east where boats can enter the Canal.
LENGTH OF TRAIL: 1.75 miles
DIFFICULTY: Easy.  This trail is on an old railroad grade.
PASSPORT MARKER: before you reach the bridge.